Flying Fortress

This is an acrylic painting (11×14) of a wwII era B-17 Flying Fortress. I recently saw this plane at the Air Force Armament Museum (Eglin Air Force Base) here in FL. Planes of all eras interest me and I was thrilled to see the fantastic collection at AFAM.

My goal was to achieve a stark contrast between the B-17 and the background. Occasionally when an object is seen in person it conveys an 'out of place' feeling for me. This feeling can be tricky to capture in small scale so I wanted to try a new approach. I am pleased with the results and likely will paint more from the AFAM visit.


Acrylic painting (18x24) of A.J. Foyt's engine from 1977, his record fourth win at Indy. Painted for the Finish Line Youth Foundation silent auction.

This is another Christmas gift. Washington Crossing the Delaware was the inspiration and vintage rpg characters fill in for George and Co. I had lots of fun painting this, even though the pixelated heroes required 13 hours with one small brush. Acrylic on canvas. 16"x20"

I painted this dyptich as a Christmas gift. This is Wawa, a wire fox terrier. This is my first time painting an animal. Done with acrylic paint on two 12"x24" stretched canvases.


This was inspired by my Brother-In-Law, who is a collector of old video game systems.  My mind wandered, and I began thinking that at some point in the future people will find these plastic boxes everywhere and not have a clue what they are.  I instantly connected that thought process with Stonehenge.  It was surely an important part of life for an entire civilization.  Several thousand years pass and we can only really guess at its purpose.  The shapes of gaming systems and their accessories led directly to a literal representation of the ancient site and this painting resulted.

This triptych is painted with acrylic on 11x14 stretched canvases and is currently presented in a single frame.